Versatile Pacific Delivers Search And Rescue Vessel To Canadian Coast Guard

Versatile Pacific Shipyards Inc., Victoria, B.C., Canada, recently delivered the mediumendurance, search and rescue patrol vessel Esquimalt to the Canadian Coast Guard.

The 164-foot-long by 36-foot-wide Esquimalt is of fully molded form, and has a single continuous main deck with a fully enclosed, raised forecastle deck extending from aft of midships forward. The superstructure consists of a single tier deckhouse, with the wheelhouse above, flanked by twin exhaust casings. The vessel has a transom stern with notched stern ramp for launch and recovery of a fast rescue boat. The vessel is twin-screw, powered by two pair of medium-speed diesel engines, each driving through a twin input/single output reduction gear to a controllable pitch propeller.

The vessel is of all-welded steel construction, with the exception of a wheelhouse and masts which are of welded aluminum alloy construction. For free literature on the facilities and capabilities of Versatile Pacific Shipyards,

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