Avondale Offers Free Color Brochure On Full Propeller Line

Avondale Shipyards, Inc., a subsidiary of Ogden Corporation, Harvey Quick Repair Division, Harvey, La., is offering a free, full-color, foldout brochure on Avondale propellers. The six-page publication gives an informative synopsis of the propeller styles offered by the company, as well as the manufacture, repair and applications of Avondale propellers. The bulletin shows color photographs of the Style "S" (Modified Taylor), Style " F " (Modified Troost), Style "A" (Modified Taylor), Style "K" (Kaplin), and "Special Style" (manufactured in its entirety to the customer's drawings and specifications).

According to the publication, Avondale propellers are manufactured to a customer's design with material specification such as carbon steel, Avondale stainless steel, manganese bronze, nickel manganese bronze and nickel aluminum bronze.

To receive a free copy of this informative and well-written brochure on Avondale propellers,

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