New Diagnostic Kit From Aeroquip Corp.

—Literature Available Aeroquip Corporation, Jackson, Mich., has introduced their new Quick Check® Diagnostic Kit. The kit contains Aeroquip FD90 Quick Disconnect couplings for permanent installation in system test ports for easy diagnosis of hydraulic problem symptoms before a failure occurs. The mating halves of the coupling are attached to test hoses and pressure gauges. The self sealing feature of the FD90 coupling prevents the loss of fluid through an open test port that could result in injury from hot oil or fire.

The kit features two Aeroquip FC432-03 Polyon® thermoplastic non-conductive hose assemblies with one male and one female coupling on each end, in lengths of five and ten feet; four easy-to-read glycerin- filled gauges with 2-1^-inchdiameter faces, capable of reading vacuum to 7,000 psi and attached female coupling halves; and an assortment of 13 FD90 Series male coupling halves in common port threads for installation on the equipment to be tested. The products are packed in an aluminum reinforced ABS plastic carrying case that has a custom oil resistant structural foam insert to hold components in place. Accessory trays hold miscellaneous parts such as O-Rings and adapters with enough space left over for extra hose.

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