Se-Cliff Enhances With CoreKote 2000

Se-Cliff Coatings, LLC, a coatings and technology development company, touts CoreKote 2000, which helps maintain heat transfer so that equipment runs at ideal temperatures and maximum performance. The product, which is electrochemically applied to heat exchangers, such as radiators, covers 100 percent of all surface areas, while adhering to 100 percent of all metallic surfaces, including copper, brass, aluminum and galvanized or stainless steels. The company guarantees that CoreKote 2000 will increase the life of heat exchangers by a minimum of three times from failure due to external corrosion. Both flexible and durable, the coating eliminates cracking and chipping and lowers corrosion resulting from humidity, salts, acids, harsh chemicals and other rust-causing agents.

which have been developed to meet the specialized demands of ISO and IBC tank container owners and operators. UniLine I features a reinforced, composite Siloxirane lining to provide an upgraded tank body protection against damage by substantial direct and reverse impact.

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