Aluminum Tanks And LNG Ship Steel Hulls To Be Joined By Using Du Pont Detacouple Explosion Bonded Welding Transition Joints

The first three liquid natural gas tankers to be 'built in this country using the spherical design will incorporate the Du Pont Company's "Detacouple^ explosion bonded welding transition joints to attach the aluminum cryogenic cargo tanks to the ship's steel structure.


Nordic Machine Expands Line Of Anchor Winches

Nordic Machine & Manufacturing, Seattle, Wash., has expanded its line of stock anchor winches with the new 40-30-3000. This 40-inchdiameter by 30-inch-wide galvanized drum winch has a full drum line pull of 15,000 pounds enabling a maximum anchor capacity of 3,000 pounds.

SNAME Pacific Northwest Section Holds Joint Meeting With ASNE

Members and guests of the Pacific Northwest Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers met on June 2 at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Officer's Club in a joint session with the Puget Sound Section of the American Society of Naval Engineers.

Hornblower Dining Yachts Contracts Trinity Marine Group To Build West Coast's Largest Diner Boat

The Trinity Marine Group has been awarded a contract to build a 183-foot diner boat for Hornblower Dining Yachts of California. The new flagship of the Hornblower fleet, largest of its type on the West Coast, will operate out of the Los Angeles Harbor beginning in the spring of 1989.

Soundcoat Introduces Four Lightweight Vibration Damping Materials

The Soundcoat Company of Deer Park, N.Y., is offering a free eightpage bulletin on constrained layertype vibration damping materials, called Soundfoil, which the company's materials laboratory has developed for control of noise and vibration. Soundfoil

Nichols To Build New Seattle Fireboat

Seattle's new fireboat, designed by Nickum & Spaulding Associates, is being built by Nichols Brothers Boat Builders of Freeland, Wash., and will carry an A.B.S. classification when completed in mid-1984. The 96-foot by 23-foot by 7-foot aluminum

U.S. Coast Guard Patrol Boats To Be Repowered W i t h Cat Engines

The U.S. Coast Guard has awarded Caterpillar a $5.7-million contract to repower 43 cutters with Cat 3412 marine engines and Twin Disc 518-M marine gears. Each 83- foot patrol boat uses two of the Cat engines, each rated at 750 hp. The contract

New Diagnostic Kit From Aeroquip Corp.

—Literature Available Aeroquip Corporation, Jackson, Mich., has introduced their new Quick Check® Diagnostic Kit. The kit contains Aeroquip FD90 Quick Disconnect couplings for permanent installation in system test ports for easy diagnosis of hydraulic

Western Gear Receives $3.4-Million Contract From Deepsea Ventures

The Heavy Machinery Division of Western Gear Corporation, 2600 East Imperial Highway, Lynwood, Calif. 90262, received a $3.4-million contract from Deepsea Ventures, Inc., Gloucester Point, Va., to design and build a system of machinery for installation aboard the R/V Deepsea Miner II,

Metal Fusion Helps Stop Corrosion

New advances in metal fusion technology produce a metalized coating with no porosity, which can be applied at rates similar to those achieved by airless painting practices. The substrate temperature does not affect the process, and there is no curing time.

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