A l u m i n um Boats Delivers Unique M i n i - C r e w b o a t To Five Star M a r i n e Service

An all-aluminum crewboat delivered recently by Aluminum Boats, Inc. of Crown Point, La., to Five Star Marine Service of Belle Chasse, La., the Joe Lynn II (shown), is described by Five Star president Clyde A. Giordano as "a 50- foot crewboat that has the look,


Dravo SteelShip Names Frank C.A. van Bentem 30 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News Engineering Director

Edward D. Fry, vice president/ general manager of Dravo Steel- Ship Corporation, has announced the recent appointment of Frank C.A. van Bentem as engineering director. The company maintains its own engineering department with Mr. van Bentem having overall responsibility.

'Tina' Is A Happy Blend Of Innovations And Proven Designs

Wilmington Launch Service, Wilmington, Del., has placed in service the new 65-foot shipdocking tug, Tina, which can create controlled thrust while pushing or hauling, fore and aft, even sidestepping, with only one man on deck. This capability is the result of several design innovations.

Aluminum Tanks And LNG Ship Steel Hulls To Be Joined By Using Du Pont Detacouple Explosion Bonded Welding Transition Joints

The first three liquid natural gas tankers to be 'built in this country using the spherical design will incorporate the Du Pont Company's "Detacouple^ explosion bonded welding transition joints to attach the aluminum cryogenic cargo tanks to the ship's steel structure.

Series Production Of Aluminum LNG Spheres

In the fall of 1972 General Dynamics signed the first contracts in the United States for the construction of 125,000 cubic meter liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers. Subsequently, in 1973 and 1976, contracts for additional vessels were signed for a total of 12 ships.

Gladding-Hearn, LQMoffitt Develop Bearing Flange Design Solution

—Literature Available It has been more than four years since the specially designed waterlubricated bearing was first installed in Gladding-Hearn boats and its other custom vessels. To date, Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, The Duclos Corporation,

Gladding-Hearn Building N.Y. City Harbor Survey Boat

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, The Duclos Corporation, Somerset, Mass., has begun construction of a harbor survey vessel for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. The shipyard is building the relatively compact 55-foot-long by 16- foot-beam,

Western Gear Receives $3.4-Million Contract From Deepsea Ventures

The Heavy Machinery Division of Western Gear Corporation, 2600 East Imperial Highway, Lynwood, Calif. 90262, received a $3.4-million contract from Deepsea Ventures, Inc., Gloucester Point, Va., to design and build a system of machinery for installation aboard the R/V Deepsea Miner II,

The SatCom Shakeout

The satellite communications sector of the marine market has not been immune from the corporate consolidations that have swept all other corners of the industry, and while this particular niche has been widely regarded as fragmented, it is yet

Inventive Machine Introduces Improved B l a s t / V a c u um Units

—Free Literature Available Inventive Machine Corporation's Blast n'Vac pneumatic blasting and recovery system that allows abrasive blasting and vacuum recovery simultaneously now offers three improved packages to meet production needs—BNVP-3, -4, and -5.

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